Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Garage Sale

Okay, it finally struck me that we are moving in 25 days. So, check out our stuffs.

Silk flowers. White blossoms, green verigated, blue hyacinth, and maroon weepings. $5 for all

cute little silver lantern- door opens $3
 Bamboo coasters (set of 10) $3
 I adore this shirt, but honestly, I got a few eyebrows last time I wore it. I thought it was innocent and fun, but my husband (and the men at Winco) confirmed that it's a bit sexually charged. Have a cheeky/sexy friend? Motherhood Maternity size Large "burn out" design shirt in Navy. "good things come to those who mate..." how can you think badly of that?!

Retired Princess House "Heritage" lot. 7 wine, 5 champagne, 1 snifter, 1 vase and 1 salt & pepper shaker (without lids-not shown) $100 takes all/obo

Like new! Nike Rival MD III track spikes. I coached track for one season and thought I needed shoes (not!). Unisex sz 8 (men's) but I wear a solid women's 9 and they fit. Red & Pearl White. $40/obo

Steven Madden "Erica" sz8. Not sure why they fit me (like I said, I'm a 9). Natural leather wedge.

Cuisinart fondue set- used once because I felt obligated. All manual, pieces and box included. $20/obo. 

Brown Paisley couches with pull-out sofa. Very firm and lots of pillows. $400/obo

No idea how I obtained this, and looks brand-new. Collectable? Simpson's Clue game $15/obo

Feel free to pass any of these on to someone who might be interested, and keep checking back for more stuff as we try and unload. I'm in a HUGE purge mood. So if there's something you've always wanted in our house- ask now! ;)
Love, Lauren

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