Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October 2012

The month in review:

After Tim returned from his luxurious vacation to Texarakana, TX for 5 days, we settled down into our last month in Bergon Palms. (Ok, he actually went to help his parents move his grandparents into an assisted care facility. His Aunt Lyn lives in Fort Worth area and they needed to be closer so she could better assist them. Grandma Stewart -- Tim's paternal great-grandmother & 103 years old-- also made the move, so now all 3 grandparents are in the same facility. Tim met his parents in Texarkana to pack up the home. He, Aunt Lyn and his parents worked endlessly the entire time to sort, box, ship and organize Grandpa & Grandma Bergon's home down into an apartment. It was a lot of work...for both of us. It was also the longest we have been apart.)

It was still way too hot for Fall, so we spent our last few weeks in Vintage Hills enjoying the community pool:
 Tim was home, but had to work, so the girls and I drove up to Orange to see Unky Lex installed as worship pastor:

Then, things started to get a little silly around our house as we hunted for a new rental, gave our 30 days notice and studied non-stop for the engineer's test:
 I ordered 24 additional 18 gallon purple Rubbermaid bins (I think we own close to 60 now) and started the packing process (again):
 We went a little crazy:
 But thankfully we love each other, and we have lots of loved ones around who helped us with our move:

Tim and I took a preemptive anniversary trip to Temecula Creek Inn just to clear our heads and find some focus as a couple. At this point we still did not have a rental lined up, but we spent a lot of time in prayer and enjoying each other:
 5 years and still "retarded* for each other":

We managed to almost completely ignore our children throughout the month by packing, looking for a rental and generally being super exhausted/busy, but we felt guilty enough to take them out for some "Harvest activities" to counter our attempts to totally disrupt our home life (I'm joking...kinda):
 What is it about snuggling a barn animal that is so satisfying?:
 Ha ha ha, guess who's learning the art of the goof:
 Because a mall parking lot is not farmy enough, we took them to Peltzer Pumpkin Farm too. By this time, Gracen was spending most days in the cat costume:
 G's favorite goat:
my life, in a corn maze: 
 Dada & baby:

And as if we didn't have enough going on, Dada got the itch to go to the mountains. I woke up and he said, "Woman, I'm taking the children to the mountains today." and I thought "Really? Ok, well at least I can do the laundry then."
 So, it was off to Garner Valley with a stop at Hurkey Creek playground:
 Which is awesome:

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”
- John Muir

Then, we finally got to wear our "Ariel" mermaid costume. After reading the Disney Princess Bedtime Stories book, we are now throughly acquainted with princesses. I'm not too pleased, but it appears inevitable. I'm just glad Gracie went along with being the kitty because I'm cheap when it comes to costumes. I was so proud of Madeleine who, last year, wouldn't even go up to the doors. She shuffled in her costume, held her candy basket the whole way and even said "Trick or treat". After the first few houses, she would turn to me and say "Mama, I did it, I said trick or treat". She was a champ all night. 
 Cousin Katie, Aunt Sally and Nani came with us (Tim worked):
 Gracie did a great job too, and she told me every house that her Hello Kitty andy bucket was "heavy". I carried her some of the way, but that didn't last too long with the bulging belly. It was really fun to see them branching out and of course, the sister interaction is always precious (and sometimes precocious). 
That was our October in gist. We did secure a house near the end of October and moved in...but that's the next post.
Love, Lauren 

*some people are offended at the use of the term retarded. If you are, I apologize...this is actually part of a quote from Mallrats that Tim and I have used for a while.

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Really wonderful pictures and overview of your month. Thank you for sharing with us.