Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tim "the gun" Bergon

My husband and I dialogue:

Tim: "Your birthday present is shipping from Banglaore."
Me: "Um-Hmm."
Tim: "It's coming from India."
Me: "Hmm...well, if it's coming from India, I am sure you paid more than $3.99 to have it shipped."
Tim: "Well, it is and I'm not sari about it."

I can't remember this one word for word, but it went something like this:

Tim: "I want Kraft Parmesan."
Me: "We always get that; I like the more authentic stuff."
Tim: "But I like Kraft and the one we have is the same stuff that Carl gets at the station. So, when I'm at work, I have to use it there too and it doesn't make my lunch as enjoyable. And then I'm grumpy and it upsets my whole day and that effects my job performance. This is serious; people could die if my job performance is effected."
Me: blank stare

Me: "Fine, I'll get you Kraft."

This one was from a while ago:

Madeleine: Dada, why are we stopping for gas?
Tim: Because we need just a few gallons, we can't drive out to wine country and run out of gas...then we'll have to put wine in the car...and we already have enough whine in the car."

And there was another great one from last night that I cannot remember! Ugh, I will ask Tim what made me laugh and post it. Anyways, hope this makes you chuckle a little.
Love, Lauren

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