Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Cock's Comb"

Tim and I haven't had a Saturday together for a while considering he is still working hard to repay all the shifts he took off so we could go on vacation together 3 out of 4 weeks during the summer. So it was a real blessing to enjoy this Saturday together, we decided to go out to breakfast. Even before we had left the house, Tim asked me where I wanted to go, and I had said Penfold's, at which he balked because he had chosen it as well. Then he questioned me what we should do after breakfast, and again I read his mind by asking to go to the Saturday Farmer's market in Old Town. We gave each other our ubiquitous Bergon high-five as Tim exclaimed, "dude!" Of course, this reading of thoughts, answering each other's questions before asking, finishing the other's sentences and general being-on-the-exact-same-pagedness is not new, but it is so fun! We headed off to the Temecula staple: Penfold's Cafe. Tim ordered an omelet with orange juice and I had pancakes and eggs with coffee. It was perfect. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and just talked, about our upcoming day (two birthday parties), our future mountaineering plans, our heart's desires, and who we would be voting for in the election. These days are blissful and I am so blessed because they are not few and far between- Tim makes almost every day a joy I don't deserve. I still thank God for His grace that lead us together to this place. We walked to Old Town and wandered around the farmer's market. A week ago, I had bought strawberries here and made a pie for Tim, but he didn't get more this time, later that day he regretted it; he did buy some peaches though, and those make lovely snacks. He also bought me fresh flowers. Tim has bought me flowers just about every other week ever since we were married. Usually he'll pick them up from a roadside florist in San Marcos on the way home, or sometimes he gets them at Trader Joe's while I'm at work. Today he let me choose them, and I chose some sublime pink "Cock's Comb" and a mix of exotic bromelias, or some "B" flower. I arranged them at home and they now brighten my kitchen.
Tim is gone to work today, but I am at home enjoying the cooling temps, my flowers, the leftover biscuit from his breakfast, some chai tea and actually getting up to date on my grading. It is one of those lovely lounging-productive days, because for it to be a good day, I must be productive in some way. And here I sit, enjoying some chill music and puppies sleeping lazily and cats yawning under windowsills. I feel just as the woman yesterday described when we walked by her on the way back to the car from the market: we were laughing, my arms were full of flowers, Tim's hand was in mine and she commented, "...what a lucky girl!"
I managed to mix some "Cock's Comb" with the bouquet, with what I had left over, I made this little bouquet.

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Shar said...

Your day sounded so "delightful"! Glad the two of you had a fun morning together. You are both so blessed as we all are. What a wonderful God! XOXO