Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guy's Night Out

Desi, Aaron and Tim had a nice little weekend while Desi was in town to "relax". On Friday, the 12th Tim and the guys went down to hang out, smoke some pipes, drink some brews and explore PB.
As I was leaving for work that morning, Tim was laying down and put his hands behind his head. I went to sit next to him, just having a nice quiet moment before the busyness of the day started when he asked, "Is it weird that I'd rather spend time with my wife than my guy friends?" Now of course I knew that he wanted to go, but it was still so sweet for him to express his heart. So don't be hurt guys, he still loves you...he just loves me more =)
After I left for work, I guess he picked up Desi and headed down to meet Aaron at Stone Brewery in Escondido.
Tim texted that it was a cool place, and that I would like it (Tim's not a drinker, but I am). He tried a pale ale and then they headed to a place called the "Abbey" in San Marcos, I guess it's in the same place that Stone used to be, but Tim said it didn't look up to code exactly. The boys continued their adventure at Pizza Port in Carlsbad and then finally down to the Pacific Shores hotel in PB. That night they went to Henessey in PB and smoked pipes on the beach. 
Tim had a great time the next day at the exotic car showroom the next day.
After a trip to Desi's grandma's house, he returned home and napped. A nice day, and if any of you guys wants to add some details, let me know. Thanks for the GNO guys. 

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