Thursday, May 20, 2010

30 Before 30: Updated

My list is now ALMOST complete, just one more spot for something:

30 Before 30

  1. Take Madeleine to the Wild Animal Park
  2. Get a new haircut.
  3. Re-pierce my rook & maybe finish with an industrial
  4. Go with Tim to the Getty Museum
  5. Go to Huntington Library
  6. Decorate nursery to include Peanut
  7. Go to a national park
  8. Run a 5K race
  9. Paint the bathrooms

10. Re-finish/paint our hand-me down tables

  1. Re-finish/paint our Adirondack chairs
  2. Play a song on my guitar
  3. Spend a night away with Tim
  4. Sew a dress for Madeleine
  5. Find a “good” mascara
  6. Enjoy a piece of mudpie with Christina
  7. Organize the linen cave
  8. Learn the Abondigas soup recipe
  9. Enjoy karaoke night with friends
  10. Buy awesome maternity jeans
  11. Go to a Chargers game
  12. Enjoy my backyard during the summer
  13. Have another baby
  14. Enjoy a girl’s day out at the wineries
  15. Start a scrapbook for Madeleine
  16. Start a scrapbook for Peanut
  17. Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
  18. Organize a summer book club
  19. Have a scrapbook night with my mom
  20. Have a fabulous 30th birthday!
Love, Lauren


Keegan Rae said...

Let me know when you go to get your rook done! I'm about ready for a new piercing. (Just don't tell Alex...)

Also, my mom's newest love is CoverGirl Lash Blast. Have you tried that one? It's pretty good.

And "awesome" maternity jeans...? Good luck on that one. ;)

Bergon Family said...

ha ha Keegan
1. you put me in a moral conundrum with the piercing...but, I'll give you a call and let you make the call.
2. I wear so little make-up that mascara is essential!!! I'm in a love/hate relationship with it. I have tried most store brands, and Tim even splurged on Dior Show ($24!!!!), but I returned it because I couldn't justify the expense (Plus I had bought it for myself already and knew it wouldn't work- ha ha!!!) But, all that to say, yes. I currently use the Covergirl lash blast length (yellow) and I've done the orange one too. Lancome Definicials was the best until they changed the formula a few years ago- but $18 for mascara? ugh.
My next try is going to be "Bad Girl" by Benefit- I need fabulously great volumizer.
3. And, maternity clothes are super comfy! The Mother hood "secret belly" fit are awesome, silky and don't add any bulk under clothes. So, yeah- I'll prolly get some of those.

Gotta go, Madeleine is meowing in her crib.

Sarah Elwer said...

I would add to the list: go to a play date at Sarah's :) (Sorry I lied earlier today, should have looked at my calender before replying to you)

But really - the wild animal park is awesome! You will love it! and the Huntington and Getty are outstanding! It's hard to pick a favorite because they offer such different things. But it's great to go to tea at the Huntington and the Getty... well, the Getty is where Adam purposed so it holds an extra special place for me (and the view can't be beat! It's incredible!)

Bergon Family said...

23. Have another baby. (oh yeah...)

Bergon Family said...

Sarah- I know, I went to the Getty once in college, but I want to go there with Tim. I've also been to the Huntington Library, but again, not with Tim. My brother Alex proposed to his fiancee Keegan at the Getty too. Overlooking the gardens is a great place to say, "yes!".
It's amazing what 3 short years can bring no? Tim and I have been together for 3 years now (though our anniversary is in Nov.)

and God only knows where we'll be in another 3 years...=)

Laney Love said...

I heard lash stiletto works really good. Don't get an expensive one because those ones always bleed throughout the day... :)

I want to get a piercing. I think that would be fun! I should set a goal first and not get a piercing till I get that goal done.

Bergon Family said...

Delaney: my goal before the rook re-pierce was to get back down to 150 lbs. -then I got pregnant, ha ha. oh well. one day.

Alison said...

i want to get my nose pierced! maybe by the time I'm 30 too!! I also really want to lose weight!!! It is just a lot harder with 3 now! So, how long do you have to get this list done?

Bergon Family said...

November 25, so...exactly 6 months =)