Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anniversary Month!- Date #2

On our second date, Tim took us to a glider launch in Hemet. We drove out in the morning to Hemet where we sat very snugly into a glider plane. We were towed very quickly and turbulently through the skies by a bi-plane that eventually released us to glide back down to the ground.
This was a very cool idea, but our pilot did not exactly understand that we wanted to glide over the San Jacinto mountains. We also didn't get to glide too long because we found out that Tim is motion sick and about halfway through the plane glide down the poor guy started heaving. Thankfully there was a plastic newspaper sleeve in the plane for him to use; unfortunately, it had a hole in it. I told the pilot that we needed to get down NOW and he started plummeting for the valley floor. This was fun for me, but not so fun for Tim. We came down quickly and Tim was able to recover. I think we went out for lunch afterward to fill Tim's empty stomache. A fun and memorable 2nd date. 

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