Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I'm Pro-Choice: CA Prop 4

Take God out of the picture and the rational and evolutionary answer to the purpose of sex is multiplication of the species. After reading a variety of articles by evolutionary biologists, the pleasure associated with sexual intercourse is primarily to motivate the species to initiate copulation more frequently. This of course propagates the potential for offspring. The more times a woman engages in sex with a man the more likely her chances of continuing the species occurs. (Interestingly enough, this outcome can never occur from homosexual intercourse.)

If the sole purpose of sex is ensuring species survival and that survival is by means of breeding and bearing children then every time a woman makes a conscience choice to engage in the sex act she should be able and willing to accept the biological outcome of each sexual encounter.

A woman's choice is made far before she realizes she is pregnant; it is a lie that many believe that abortion is about choice. Abortion is an excuse for feigned ignorance. Every middle schooler knows (because they make sure to teach you evolution by then) that sex in any animal species is for the purpose of extenuating the presence of that species. A woman who engages in sexual activity choices to engage in a behavior that directly produces another species, one imprinted with her own genes. Most women find out they are pregnant during the 3rd week of their pregnancy. By the 5th week, this bundle of cells has a beating heart. By week 8, neural pathways in the brain are forming. 62% of all abortions take place before 9 weeks. I heard our baby's heart beating via fetal doppler at my 10 week midwife check-up. At week 10, fingers and toes are fully developed and functional.

Do I support a woman's right to choose? Absolutely I do, as long as that choice is the one she makes as a biological creature who chooses to engage in intercourse knowing that the outcome of such a primordial and evolutionary function is propagation of our species. I also support a secular woman's right to birth control used consistently. 46% of women seeking abortion used some for of contraception; of those, 76% of the women used it inconsistently. 

It saddens me that minors, whom I cannot even give aspirin in my class, can receive medical abortions without parental notification. That is frightening for me as a parent. It's sad that families are abusive and that often times the mother's father might also be the father of her child, but instead of destroying the life growing inside, give the child the chance to life: there are thousands of couples waiting to have a child to love and cherish. You can make the world a better place by saying no to death and yes to life by choosing it for your child. 

I support a woman's choice, she makes it every time she engages in sex. 

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