Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Update # 1

Most people know that Tim and I are expecting our first child and many are asking how I'm doing. So here's a little update.

1. When is your due date: 
Estimated due dates range from May 25-June 7 2009

2. Will you find out the child's gender? 
Yes, and when we know, you'll know.

3. What names are you considering? 
We have it pretty much narrowed down to two names per gender, but only we will know the child's name until he or she is born. (oooh, I hate secrets)

4. How are you feeling? 
Great! I haven't had any morning sickness and I haven't gained any weight yet. I've kinda been gaining and then losing the same 3 lbs for 14 weeks now. I have noticed that my weight is shifting and I bought some new comfy tops until I'm ready for maternity wear (oh yay!). During weeks 1-3, I would feel queasy at night which signaled me to try a PG test. That's about the only time (except the shark cage/boat encounter) that I've felt "sick". I was still running through weeks 1-7, but I really lost the 1/2hr window after work in which I was running when the time change occurred. In the last 6 weeks I've noticed a significant drop in energy levels. I'm working full-time teaching 110% (all 6 periods) at TVHS and of course I'm a full-time worker at home (I try-sometimes) so I'm pretty beat by Fridays. It's crazy, but making the bed and chasing the pups leaves me tired- ridiculous, but true. I'm hoping over this Thanksgiving week break to get back into running through brisk walking and then working it back into the schedule, I really don't want to lose the benefits of running, especially for baby.

5. How is Tim feeling? 
Tired. Because of Hawaii he's been on some 48hr shifts and then he's planning Hawaii and now my b-day and then there's Thanksgiving and we both have our families in town, so--he's grateful I've slowed down and now crash out on the couch most days. He's also very excited. He's trying to stay up on what is happening for me and did some research on home birth and midwifery.

6. What do you mean homebirth? 
We've decided to birth in the comfort of our home with a licensed midwife. We've both committed to the least intrusive delivery we can offer, aside from me birthing unattended, and look forward to the experience. I've been watching home births on and most look relaxing and organic in their approach (though I did see a freaky and horrifying one- so if you start watching- beware of that one.). We are aware of the risks and if you would like to know why we came to this decision, just ask. A few key ideas for us included the fact that 25% of all first time mothers experience unnecessary c-sections and often times you have no choice in birthing position, and the doctor's convenience is usually the utmost priority. 

7. Can I rub your belly when I see you? 
Not yet, it's kinda embarrassing when you think all that fat is baby. It's still all me. =)

Love, Lauren


micah and erica said...

You are doing a homebirth? How stinking exciting!!! If you need an extra coach let me know (I am always volunteering to be at people's births).
I think that is an amazing choice Lauren. I have had several friends have amazing experiences with midwives. Such a good choice with how much unnecessary medical intervention goes on in hospitals. :) I would love to get together and hang out sometime. When does your Christmas break start?

Sarah Elwer said...

I know this is random, but I found your blog thru the Bravenec's and I remember you from Sunridge - maybe you remember me, my last name was Howley in High School... Anyways, Congratulations on your baby and I just wanted to say that I am doing Bradley classes to prepare for my upcoming birth (10 weeks to go!) with a woman in temecula and she is great!!! She does them out of her home and she meets with you for 12 weeks and it really is the best thing ever - let me know if you are interested and I'll give you her info. It sounds like a Bradley birth is exactly what you are going for (which is awesome!)

Rachel said...

Hi Lauren! This is Rachel, Will's sister. I just wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy and your decision to have your baby at home! I had both of my kids at home with a midwife (the 2nd one just a couple weeks ago), and I wouldn't of traded the experiences for the world. I think you have made a great choice for both you and your baby. Good luck with everything!