Friday, December 31, 2010

30 Before 30: the results =)

Those items that are crossed off are those that I accomplished.
If I posted a blog about the item, you can read it by clicking the link.
The ones in red are those at which I failed miserably.
Those in pink were attempted, but for some reason did not work out and you can read why below the item ♥

Love, Lauren

  1. Take Madeleine to the Zoo
  2. Get a new haircut.
  3. Re-pierce my rook & maybe finish with an industrial
  4. Go with Tim to the Getty Museum -I really did not actually want to do this one, but feeling obligated, I looked for a virtual tour online. With little success, I realized that my art museum days aren't as important to me as they were in college (and even then they weren't absolute!)
  5. Go to Huntington Library -Once I realized the above about the Getty, the Huntington Library went the same way too.
  6. Decorate nursery to include Peanut
  7. Go to a national park
  8. Run a 5K race
  9. Paint the bathrooms-Not sure what to do, I did say bathrooms, plural, but I actually did paint our master bath. So, this one is kinda done. I also have the paint for the second bath ready.
  10. Re-finish/paint our hand-me down tables
  11. Re-finish/paint our Adirondack chairs-again, not sure what to count for this one, I did re-sand the chairs, but I kept them unstained/painted because I tried to sell them at a garage sale and I thought they would go faster if the buyer could choose the color for themselves. Seems people want a finished project, for my chairs did not sell, even though they are handmade and I was only asking $25 each. These are hand-made wood chairs that would easily cost $75-100 from a garden center. Maybe I will just paint them turquoise, tighten up the loose screws and try a re-sell.
  12. Play a song on my guitar- I got my guitar out, learned to tune it, and praticed chords for a week. Learning takes a lot of time, which I have very little of.
  13. Spend a night away with Tim
  14. Sew a dress for Madeleine
  15. Find a “good” mascara
  16. Enjoy a piece of mudpie with Christina
  17. Organize the linen cave
  18. Learn the Abondigas soup recipe
  19. Enjoy karaoke night with friends
  20. Buy awesome maternity jeans
  21. Go to a Chargers game-Tim and I decided that even off-season tickets were out of our budget and one of the only games we could make it to was when they played the, no.
  22. Enjoy my backyard during the summer
  23. Have another baby
  24. Enjoy a girl’s day out at the wineries-I did have a day planned, but everyone had to back out unexpectedly and child care was a little issue for me. I have this date planned in March and am sending an e-mail to my girlfriends to determine our exact date.
  25. Start a scrapbook for Madeleine
  26. Start a scrapbook for Peanut-Since I started one for Mads, and the books will be the same for the first few pages, I essentially did one for Gracen too.
  27. Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
  28. Organize a summer book club
  29. Have a scrapbook night with my mom
  30. Have a fabulous 30th birthday

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Unknown said...

So proud of all your accomplishments this year! My favorite is number 23 because I get to know her and love on her :)