Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Before 30: # 8 Run A 5K

Before we move to May, I did one last thing in April that kicked off the 30 Before 30 list completion. I decided to try and build a team to run for Birth Choice of Temecula in the Relay for Humanity race. I did help a team get started, but they all ran the 10K (I thought we were all running the 5K). So, on Saturday, April 24th I packed up the BOB, the baby and my belly and headed out to Menifee. It was a bigger event than I had imagined, and I had to park way out in the boonies. As I was walking to the staging area, I saw Heather Schaffner running the 10K. I cheered her on as she ran by. I had never run a race before, so when we started, I was surprised that I spent a good 1-2 minutes just walking from my starting point to the starting line. This is something to think about if I ever really run a race- one minute to your time can really change things! I hadn't really been running, and I was 12 weeks pregnant, so I took it easy. Regardless of my "slow" pace, I had to dodge so many people in passing. With a double-wide jogging stroller this is no small feat. I kept my pace steady and finally pulled out of the crowds to some smaller groups. I passed by two skinny high school girls and heard them say "Now my morale is really shot." I guess they didn't expect a lady pushing a jogging stroller to breeze by them =) It was funny so I turned around and said, "You can do it! Slow and steady" or something equally sanguine. I finished in 31 minutes, which is just under a 10 minute mile. It's okay for an untrained, pregnant gal pushing 60 lbs. of baby and stroller. The best part is that Tim was there to meet me at the finish line! He was coming off work that morning, so I didn't expect him to come home and drive out to Menifee to see me run, but...he did. Again, more proof that he is the world's best husband. He captured video of me crossing the finish line, made sure I got an orange or two and then walked around with me afterward as we visited the vendor booths. Surprisingly, my parents also made it. We saw them amongst the vendor booths and I honestly didn't think they were going to come out, but my mom said they had also just walked the 5K! Way to go 'rents. Tim insisted that because I had just run a race, I could carbo-load on whatever I wanted that day. Of course, I tried to tell him that 3.12 miles is just a normal everyday run for me (when I'm not pregnant). But no, so we went to Penfold's for pancakes and french toast with my parents. It was a fun day! And now I am down to 29 =)
Just finished the race:
Mads took the easy way:
The FBC team benefiting Birth Choice
Tim told me to pose in front of the sign, he really wanted a picture of the man to the right in the tie-dyed, key-hole shirt...
Love, Lauren

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job girl! Props for pushing a double stroller. I couldn't have done that! It's hard enough with a single seat stroller :)