Monday, June 7, 2010

Madeleine's eighth month: February

Here's our little girl at eight months old:

This month brought lots of play for Madeleine as she exercised her independent and growing abilities. She started to enjoy reading with us and would sit through about three board books before moving to another stimuli. She really loved playing with the bus Aunt Lori and Uncle Keith gave us, and she started practicing standing up. The bus is one of the only safe objects she can use to pull up on at this point.

She also started really going after all our animals. She loves to gently pat and touch Sima, Roscoe, Mac & Lucy. The dogs are great with her, and the cats will tolerate a gentle stroke or two, but once she gets to squealing in delight, they quickly move away. I think it was this month that she also started indicating the dogs and cats with a distinct "woof" and "meow". I capitalized on this spontaneous vocalization and asked her, "Dog says ...?" when she said woof. Now she will do the sounds on command when prompted with the question, "Dog/Cat says...?"

Even though we tried to enforce tummy time to encourage crawling, MJ would have none of it. So, we just right-sided her and let her learn to explore sans crawling. I have no idea why, but she just doesn't like being on her tummy. This has delayed her ability to sit from stomach to butt and to get around, but she will not crawl, so we're not going to force her.

She also started to outgrow the infant bath we have for her, so we started bathing her in the kitchen sink, and she loves it! Tim also loves bathing her in the sink, easier on his back =)

As you can see, she has really filled out. This girl loves to eat, and we are trying to incorporate new tastes and textures all the time.
We also spent some time at the park this month. Dada helps her down the slide and she loves to swing.

Love, Lauren

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