Sunday, June 20, 2010

The big ONE!

We celebrated the birth of our little Madeleine on Memorial Day this year. Monday, May 31st is only two days before her actually birthday, and it worked out perfect to have close friends and family come to our backyard and have a swim party!
I ordered mermaid themed invitations from and loved them! Plus, if I post my pic with their product on their site, I can get $5 off my next order.
My mom (and dad, alex and keegan) helped me make a flag garland out of scrap material after seeing the one Sarah made for Bennett. My mom and I cut the flags and my family put it together for me. So nice of them. It was really long and made about 5 passes in the sun room from wall to wall. Tim hung it for me and it added a great festive touch. I also bought some gorgeous flowers at the farmer's market on Saturday. There is a couple there that makes fantastic arrangements out of Protea, Kangaroo Paw, and Pin Cushions. For about $20 we got a HUGE arrangement that I wanted to make the centerpiece of the cake table. I think it turned out lovely.
Tim and I spent the morning setting up and decorating. We had a lot of fun hanging crabs and sea horses in the colored fishing nets, placing chairs and hanging paper puffer fish from the high places. As Madeleine napped, we set up a oceanic wonderland.
After her morning nap, we showed her around so she wouldn't be overwhelmed with all the changes. She got a good morning nap in and was playing with some pool toys in the sunroom. She loved all the hanging flags, fish and flowers.

She was very interested in the transformation of our backyard.

I also spruced up the outside seating area with this enormous and extravagant King Protea. I love how it looks in the vase that the Lindsay girls gave me
At the last minute possible, I decided to make a little cake for Madeleine. I had already made cupcakes, but wanted something a little special. I had plans to do a super healthy, body-friendly apple sauce and whole wheat germ cake, but ran out of time. I did manage to make this white starfish on white fondant cake. I think it looks good with the seaweed (kinda hides the flaws). Thanks to Christina and Katie who helped me do it as guests were arriving.
Mads and Katie
Mads & Auntie Keegz

Happy Birthday, sweet Madeleine.
We opened a slew of presents (thanks!). She loved the books, especially those from the Trask family. Cousins Matthew and Elijah helped us keep the present opening on a roll. Tim helped me out immensly by keeping track of all the gifts and their respective givers. He didn't just write down "book" either, he wrote the book title, and the outfit style which is really going to help me with the thank you notes (which are being made as we read).
There's that Daddy half-smile again!
My Gramacita (MJ's Abuelita) knit a beautiful dress, and I can't wait for her to wear it!
During cake, as everyone was gathered, it seemed appropriate that with many of our friends and family present, we should take the time to formally dedicate Madeleine to the Lord. Our church (as far as we know) doesn't do this ubiquitous ceremony, but I liked the idea of doing it on our own in front of our family even more than a congregation. Tim spoke about the grace that God has given us in allowing our marriage, and that He has blessed it with children. He prayed specifically for trust in God as he deals with the anxiety of being responsible for us girls. I prayed for the ability to see the big picture even as I work through the daily, mundane tasks of raising a small child- reading the same stories over and over, training the same behavior every single day with seemingly no progress (we are working on not putting our finger up our nose). It was really meaningful and powerful for us as a couple and it was more about us reaffirming to our loved ones that we do want to raise Madeleine to be a godly woman with the purpose of God's will and glory. Madeleine enjoyed a little sliver of cake as we prayed over her.

Happy Birthday lovely Madeleine. You are the delight and joy of your mother's heart and the apple of your daddy's eye. We are so pleased with your precious little heart, and you are already a sweet helper to our family. We know you will make a wonderful big sister, and your gentle demeanor is one we want to encourage for God's work. We love you sweet girl, and we love your little goofy face.

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Sarah said...

I love your cake with the fondant! Looks super! And the flags came out really well. Looks like a great day! Way to go, Mama!