Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Santa Rosa Plateau

Our nephew Daniel was in town from Arizona, so we decided to take him on a little hike. We headed out to the Santa Rosa Plateau just at lunch time for Mads. We also forgot to bring any food for her. So, we fed her a green apple as we drove back to Bear Creek Market Barron's. It was the worst tummy upset I have ever seen. I sat in the back as she shook and screamed and cried as her stomach was in total upheaval. It was horrible, and I started to cry because I couldn't do anything for her. She was in so much pain. Tim made a quick stop at CVS (?) for some Gripe Water and I got that on board in no time. After about 20 minutes, she was feeling better and not crying. We finally got to Barron's and gave her some ham, cheese, bread and blueberries. It was very traumatic for Mama and baby, but we got her settled and satisfied. Ugh, it was so stressful that I did not want to hike, but I felt bad because Daniel had been with us the whole time and it must have been boring and unsettling to have to deal with that situation when you're 11 years old. So, we headed back out.
Here's Daniel, a better Madeleine, and Tim in front of the visitor's center:
Mads gets carried in the Dueter Kid Pack III, and I love the way she held on to the sun-shade straps, she was being rocked as though on a camel, and I love her little face in these pics:
Daniel and Tim decided to take another mile or two out to the adobe houses while me and Mads headed back to the car from the Vernal Pools. We sang songs on the way back, and she even got to have a chocolate ship Famous Amos cookie because she signed "please" when she saw us eating them. She would also tweet like the birds around us, and enjoyed mimicking the breeze blowing through the grass.It was nice to get out, and I'm glad Tim got to spend some time with his nephew, but we definitely pulled a parenting-duh moment. I always try to over prepare for situations (and so does Tim) but we just got behind the ball with this one. Madeleine is such an easy going baby, I don't ever want to see her in pain like that again. So, next time we're making sure to have plenty of food and gripe water on hand before going on a hike, no matter how short or quick.
Love, Lauren

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