Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easter Sunday

We hosted Easter for our family this year. This was before we started tearing out our backyard. The Valencias, Bergons, Bauers and Trasks joined us, along with both my grandmothers.
Lori prepared an egg hunt for the kids, and it was fun to hear her and Tim remenisce about their own egg-hunting experiences as children.
She loved shaking the eggs filled with coins.
With the cousins, Elijah and Abigail.
My aunt Sally made this little flower cap for Mads. I think she looks like an old fashion bathing beauty.
Tim really helped me out with the cooking. On the menu were pita chips and hummus appetizers, lamb kabobs, saffron rice, spinach and strawberry salad, and for dessert, Lori made her delicious cookies and I made a blackberry cheesecake. I was pretty proud if it, since I really don't cook often, and am more likely to burn pans than make a masterpiece when I do.
Tim finally got his dad to play some Call of Duty 4, a WWII PS3 shooting game. Tim was delighted to see his Dad's ability to shoot a video game gun was not quite as good as the real thing. But, that's for another post =)
You don't need much for the family to have fun together. Looks like a joke is making the rounds.
The clan on Easter Sunday! Praise be to the Lord for rising from the dead, triumphing over death and establishing himself as Lord of all creation. Every knee will bow at his eternal reign.
Love, Lauren

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