Thursday, June 10, 2010

April Around the House

In an effort to slam dunk April, here is a highlight potpurri!
We celebrated Tim's birthday on April 13. I gave him a book and a gift certificate to Body Care.
Here Dadda extols the wonders of a one-hour-therapeutic massage.
One Sunday, Mads woke up and just wanted to snuggle with Dada. Mama took the opportunity to capture this little interaction.

Later this month, Nani came over and helped Madeleine into my boots. She insisted that Nani help her walk around in Mama's boots. She often tries to put her feet into my shoes- whether it be flip-flops or heels.

I attempted to teach Mads how to use a spoon to eat. I bought toddler sized cutlery and a suction-cupped plate. I even stooped to enticing her with Trader Joe's Organic Spagetti O's. She was not impressed with the fare, nor was she interested in eating with the cutlery. I also found out that the suctioning was not as strong as I hoped. It was funny and I went back to just putting her food on the tray.

We had our first ultrasound to see Peanut. I made Mads a onesie that says "BIG sister".
Tim needed to clean our shop vacuum. He got a little help from MJ.
I think I said, give me a tough face.
Everyone eagerly awaits Dadda coming home from work (especially Mama)
Being the wicked woman that I am, I made Tim say good-bye to his 1995 grad night prize: a Gary Fisher mountain bike. It has been rusting on our side-yard for about 3 years. This, along with the dumping of his hideous brown leather chair and ottoman are the closest I've seen this man to tears...(not really, but...)

finally, we got in a trip to the duck pond, and who ever knew that there are turtles in the pond?
Yay! I am now onto May!!!
Love, Lauren


Keegan Rae said...

She hardly seems BIG enough to be a big sister! And isn't it interesting to think that she won't have any memories of being an only child?

Bergon Family said...

true. but she is! she'll be older than i was when JP came along!!