Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding Motivation

For a while now, I have been content to sit around and attend to Madeleine. I feel like it took me a solid year to truly get the "Mommy" thing down. But now that I have her scheduled, and self-feeding and things are going awesome, I've turned my attention to my nest. I don't know if I didn't "nest" as much with Mads because I was working and tired most of the time...but I do know that now that I have more "freetime" on my hands (like when Mads is napping), I am suddenly motivated to get some work done around the house. Here's what I've done in the last few weeks:

-organized the linen "cave" (which will its own post due to its presence on the 30 before 30 list)
-organized MJ's clothes and pulled out her 18 month items for use
-weeded my gazania bed and planted Kangaroo Paw; felted and wood chipped planter to detour weeds
-replaced our bedroom fan (Tim helped me)
-organized the food pantry
-dead-headed my roses and African daisies
-hung Madeleine's swing in the tree out front
-disassembled the old bedroom fan and re-painted it for our kitchen area
-conditioned our leather couches
-re-painted all our frames in our bedroom black
-hung magnolia vines above our windows in our bedroom
- wrote and mailed thank-you notes for Mads' birthday gifts
-tested our pool water and added a pH balancer, conditioner, chlorine and vacuumed it
-fixed the concentric float in our toilet to keep it from running

I also have a few other projects going which include painting our bathroom, hanging window coverings in our bathroom and sanding our coffee and side tables.

I can't really decide what to do for the color of the coffee and side tables, but I was really inspired by this diy game table idea!
I think I will have to start sanding the tables tomorrow =)
Love, Lauren

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Sarah said...

It took me about a year, too, to really get back into the groove of balancing mommyhood with other things. I love this blog! Go, Lauren, go! What color are you painting your bathroom?

One of the reasons why I write blogs and read blogs from other moms is to keep my motivation going. Writing my blog keeps me accountable for getting things done, in a way. And I love reading what other moms accomplish, too, because it makes me feel like, "Yeah, I can do this" even when I am feeling tired. Also, I thik it is really important to put information out into the world about how much SAHMs really do... There is a tendency, perhaps, in some circles to believe that we have it really easy. We do have it easier only in the respect that we get to work where our hearts really are (with our children), but as far as actual labor and time demands...well, we both worked as teachers. Wouldn't you agree that working properly at home with hardly ever a break (let alone vacation time) is much harder than teaching in many ways? I think back to my pre-children years when I would come home from teaching and get to be as selfish as I pleased...

Anyway, keep up the good work!