Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holidays 2011: JTNP 4th Anniversary

We went to Joshua Tree for our 4th anniversary. I (finally) okayed a TWO day trip instead of just an overnight and Tim got right to planning. The goal: "to get bored". We had no schedule, no plans, just packed some rock-climbing stuff in case we got the urge and books if we wanted. Tim booked Coyote's Rest a few miles outside the park and it was perfect for just two people to lounge around. On the drive out we hit Hadley's in Cabazon for some snacks and enjoyed a coffee and talking without being interrupted! We checked into Coyote's Rest, hit up a redbox, had dinner at Crossroad's Cafe (which was much better 5 years ago before new ownership) and generally stayed in bed for movies and books and warmth (it was drizzling and cool)the rest of the night. The next morning, we just lounged in bed until almost noon- what a treat! We decided to casually meander into the park and maybe do some climbing:
Boulder pad ready:

Just enjoying stretching:

this rock looks like a lion to me:

lots of jumping shots as we left the park: 

Joshua Tree saloon, where we had a few beers and sang karaoke (I did, at least): 

On our way home we stopped off at the windmill things in the pass: 

and we also got a few treats for the girls at the Cabazon Dinosaurs:

We had a great time, and although we never got bored, we did get some needed r & r
Thanks to both sets of grandparents who shared the childtending duties- we appreciate it.
Love, Lauren (&Tim)

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