Friday, January 20, 2012

The Holidays 2011: SMPFFA Children's Christmas Party

The day after we got back from Kim's, Tim took the girls to church and I stayed at home to wrap up the loose ends on the San Marco Professional Firefighters Association's Children's Christmas Party. (seriously?) Every year, the San Marcos Kiwana's club puts on a street parade with Santa riding the fire engine to cap it off and then Santa enjoys handing out gifts to the firefighter's children at station 1. Tim and I volunteered to organize the whole thing this year. Yeah. It was fun, and we had A LOT of help from some wonderful friends. Kristin B. ran a craft table that was amazing. Nikki V. made all the sugar cookies. Lauren H. and Erin A. helped run the tables and Kaitlin F.was also a wing girl, even though she was sick. A huge thanks to Amy F. for holding Gracie almost the entire day. They were a huge blessing to me and Tim as we were running like crazy trying to pull the food, decor, Santa, gifts and more together. Now that we've done it once, we'll probably have some great ideas for next year. 

The kids wait for Santa to call their name and give them a gift out of his bag:
 Madeleine's first memorable "Santa" experience. We don't really do Santa at our house (though she knows who he is), so the thought of sitting on this strange man's lap was...strange. She basically deferred in every sense of the word:
 group shot:
 G money making some waves in the bouncy house:
 and Madeleine loved it too:
Love, Lauren

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