Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year!
Every year I make resolutions, and I really have no intention of working on them...I think I love the idea of a resolution, to actually have the resolve to be resolute in my pursuit of attaining a goal...but I never really do. So, for the sake of my tradition, here are a few (and maybe I will actually work on these throughout this year):

1. Lose 20 lbs.  Yay! This resolution has been on my list every year I made resolutions (sometimes I don't) and I don't actually need to lose that much. Weight is a number, and like many numbers (like your SAT scores or your credit score) it doesn't reflect the big picture. So, yes. If truth be told, I would like to lose 14 lbs. but more than that, I would like to start exercising again, following Weight Watchers faithfully and being fit and healthy for myself and family. Most years, I try to stave off the holiday weight gain, but for some reason, I've been way too okay with letting it all go in 2011. I enjoyed so many cold beers, mixed drinks, cookies and sugary treats that I am pretty much back up to my pre-pregnancy weight with both girls. It's in my healthy weight range and it's still my Lifetime maintenance weight at WW, but it doesn't feel right. I have also completely stopped exercising. I think it's the season of stress related to two little ones, but I know I need to do it just for the stress relief. So, I'd like to post this for those of you in the same boat:

If you lost one pound a week for the next year:
By Valentine's Day- 7 pounds lighter
By St. Patrick's Day- 11 pounds lighter
By Easter- 16 pounds lighter
By Memorial Day- 23 pounds lighter
By Flag Day- 25 pounds lighter
By Independence Day- 27 pounds lighter
By Labor Day- 36 pounds lighter
By Columbus Day- 41 pounds lighter
By Halloween- 44 pounds lighter
By Thanksgiving- 47 pounds lighter
By Christmas Eve- 51 pounds lighter
By New Year's Eve- 52 pounds lighter!

So, if I lost a pound a week until Tim's birthday I'd be 15 lbs lighter! What a treat for the both of us. Losing a pound a week can be really tough though! And, I'm already a week behind. I'm also struggling with the thought that my body just won't lose that much. Since college, I haven't been my same standard 150. It seems like my set point in 160. Can I really get down to 145?! More than the weight, I want to feel better. My back is killing me (or rather, my kids are killing my back). I'm ready for baby #3, but I'd like to be a little lighter before that begins (if I can help it- who knows when it might happen!). So, if you're thinking what I've been thinking, will you reply a little note of encouragement. I've always done better when people are watching and I'm ready to lose some weight and muscle up for my health.

2. Be a better neighbor. I didn't really think about this one until I was over at Jaime's house and was telling her about our upcoming move. Our escrow closes at the end of the month, and it seems like we've almost secured a rental (hopefully). Tim and I are packing, and I've already pulled the pictures off the wall- I mean business about being ready to go! One thing I am looking forward to doing is being a better neighbor. Our street is super quiet, with a lot of previous drama that led to some tension amongst homes, so we tried our best to just be nice to everyone, but when people are different (or they smoke or have dogs that pee on your yard) it's just difficult sometimes. So, I want to make some efforts to be a blessing to our new neighbors. Cookies, parties, visits, whatever...I want to be available, open and loving...not for my own sake (cause I naturally dislike most people) but because Jesus naturally loves all people and wants me to be like him (and I wanna be like him too). Oh, and if you wanne be like Jesus and help a mother out...we're moving the first week of February and we're going to need some manly arms; if you have manly arms...mark the date.

3. Be on time. Ugh; most people know that I am an A-type; I claim it is in my blood (and it is, I'm an A...actually A+ if you can believe it). Oh, and I prefer Analytical to Anal, for even stating that I'm an A-type makes me crinkle my nose at myself knowing that it would serve my public relations if I could just relax about things and be "organic". However, there is one way that I am a little too lax and that's in getting to places on time. I think it's because I'm trying to cram too many items into my agenda and totally misjudge my available time. And now that I have kids, I'm still adjusting to the whole "things take 5 hours longer than you think they will" mentality. So, I want to be on time. Not sure how that works, but it'd be good (and it would save me some money in library fines to get my books to be on time too).

4. Learn to play the frickin' guitar. My brother gave me one 5 years ago for Christmas, Tim gave me a book on learning to play 2 years ago. If you asked me what is the one thing I want to do to vastly improve my life, it would be this. So why is it not happening? Maybe I don't really want to- actions speak louder than words...or maybe something else, but I just want it...I want to be able to sing with the support of music. I say it every year, but maybe this year it will magically happen and I will be so thankful.

5. Practice gratitude. I'm a critic, ok, I know. I've been reading this blog and I'm hoping to get this book. But, I want to start seeing everything as a gift, because it truly is! Every sunset, every breath, every meal, every tear, every trial, a new nailpolish, a gingerbread latte, clean water, and oh thank you God, my sweet girls and their adoring (and adorable) father...it's all a gift that my Father, my Daddy in heaven, on His throne said: You, Lauren Michelle, are MY BELOVED DAUGHTER and I have beautiful things to give you- not because you deserve them, but because I am Loving and Good and True and Beautiful- because you are Beloved by ME.

Love, Lauren

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Delaney said...

hahaha "cause I naturally dislike most people"

that was probably the best part of this whole post. You crack me up. And i love you :)