Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holidays 2011: Kim & the kids

During the first week of December, we made a trip out to Arizona to visit Kim & her 4 kids. We wanted to see their Christmas musical performance at school and David's basketball game and just generally let them know we love them.

We had to stop in Cabazon to show the girls the dinos. 

 everybody say "Rawr!"

On the way out, we made some stops to just let girls out and break up the drive:

When we arrived, we went straight to David's game just in time to see his team win!
That night, we had a chance to visit with Kim and we three tried to stay awake, but it was a long day and Tim was done from driving, but still a nice night.
The next day, the kids had school and Kim had to work, so we hung out at the house.

Who doesn't sit on the counter -top and eat Apple Straws when the kids are at school and Auntie Kim's at work?:

 That night was the school performance; by this time, Gary & Cindy (Tim' parents) had joined us from California and we all went to see the kids play. Later that night, I actually watched The Christmas Story for the first time. 

Madeleine does moose-face:
 Grammi & Papa with six of their 8 grandkids:

The next morning, Kim made a fabulous breakfast. Madeleine was covered with animals by her cousin and all the kids got to hang out and play. Matthew and Hannah went with me and Madeleine to the park while Tim, David, Daniel and Gary strung lights on the house and did some needed home maintenance.

 Look at that spread! Oh yum-french toast. Thanks Kim!

 We love you Kim, David, Daniel, Hannah & Matthew. We look forward to seeing you soon in 2012 (which happens to actually include Hannah's leap year b-day!)
Love, Auntie Lauren

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Kim said...

We were very blessed to have you guys come out! Cherished memories :)

Come visit again soon!

Love you!